Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A very special painting project!

Once in a while, you get a very special request to do a very special painting. Recently, I got such a request!
A customer of mine, Rita Smith, asked me if I'd paint a picture of her beloved poodle, "Muffie", who had recently passed away. She had a special Longenberger basket that she had had for years, wanting to paint a picture on it and it occured to her, Why not paint Muffie!
Like all of our animals, they are so near and dear to our hearts and Muffie was no exception! Rita was full of stories of Muffie; her accomplishments like sitting, shaking hands, rolling over and speaking to you. She loved to be brushed and I would well imagine, she was Rita and her husbands' baby!
In a way, it was a daunting task. I wanted to make Muffie come to life on her basket... a sweet memory of a sweet poodle.
And so, here is the finished project.
Rita was quite happy with her basket when she came to pick it up.
Our minds make a memory while our hearts take a picture!

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