Friday, May 22, 2009

The fun of painting a mural!

Of all the media to paint on, my personal favorite is a wall. Your imagination can turn a room into a "living canvas" !
Transform a dining room into a ... FEAST FOR THE EYES!
Turn a windowless room into a .....ROOM WITH A VIEW!
Children's walls will become.......HAPPY WALLS!
Would this be your first adventure into the wonderful world of painting a room's wall or a hall? First off, find your courage and say to yourself.... I CAN DO THIS!
What's the worst that could happen and how can I fix it?
Realize, that it's ONLY paint and you can paint over it if need be!
When I first started, I decided to do a "dry run" and paint a canvas of the picture that I was going to paint on the wall. I found that it helped to lay a foundation in my mind of what was going to transpire onto the wall.
Are there images that you plan to paint that you have never painted before? PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE... with paper for acylic paints, you can practice this image until your comfortable with it.
I invite you to visit my website ... and click on the link..."Mural in Progress"
This mural is a whole room, filled with vintage, hot air balloons (31 in all!) set against a clouded sky. These balloons have been highlighted and shaded to give the room a feel that will appeal to an adult as well as a child. The last balloon is over 3 1/2 feet tall. I left this balloon till last as it was the focal point and by the time I finished all the other balloons, I had a good idea what to do to make this balloon special.
So, now it's YOUR turn! Get out your paints; grab some acrylic paper and start practicing. When I return, we'll get going on wall preparation!
Boring stuff, I know, but your wall has to have a good foundation before you start the fun part of your project!
Happy Painting!

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